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Family Holidays at Almuña

Almuña is also a perfect place for family gatherings especially in the summer holidays or school half terms. This is Hughie and Clare’s domain entertaining the young of all ages to allow their parents and grand-parents a well earned rest while they, Antonia and the staff prepare tortillas, calamari and other delicious meals along with children’s suppers.

"Children's tea time was a particular treat for the mums. It was a joy to have the kids fed without having to firstly prepare the meal, secondly having to nag them about table manners and eating up and thirdly, having to clear up afterwards. How you managed to do that and then produce such a delicious meal for us, was a miracle!

You really do have something very special. The view from the house was mesmerising from the first glance and I will visualise myself back there on many occasions in the future. The food and wine was absolutely delicious, but the best part of the whole experience, is you two!" Summer thank you letter

Tennis and ping-pong tournaments, walking, riding and biking expeditions, damn building in the river, sandy beaches and barbeque evenings by the pool are all part of an exciting holiday for all ages.

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Family House Parties can be arranged all year round