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Holidays in Spain

This is the Arbuthnott stronghold from where the majority of their holidays take place centred on their home of Almuña.

This part of Southern Spain in the region of Andalucía is an area of outstanding and impressive beauty. There is an extraordinary diversity of landscape; limestone mountains, cork forests, olive groves, open farmland ablaze with sunflowers and pastures vivid with the colours of a thousand wild flowers.

Ancient white villages, teeming with life and seemingly unchanged for centuries, are chiselled into the hillsides.  All around are signs of the Moorish frontier that existed for 200 years until their defeat in 1492. 

The climate is one of the special assets of Andalucía. From mid May to early October there is little likelihood of rain and for the rest of the year a 75% chance of lovely weather. Sunshine, gentle breezes and a pleasing temperature are ideal for walking and all the various activities.

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