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hello - John

We cannot thank you enough for this last splendid week. It was all interesting and instructive as well as great fun. What a nice group you had gathered; and your organisation was superb, with the appearance of no effort but like the proverbial duck immense activity below water, out of our sight. The Arbuthnott ability to open doors to things not generally available added something very special. And you arranged the weather: we could not have been luckier. Yours ever with all good wishes to you all. - Johnny

I just wanted to write to express our sincere thanks for such a truly lovely, memorable and happy holiday with you in October. Rob, Josy & I had a beautiful time at Almuna, it was peaceful, comfortable, so pretty, so fun, and we felt unbelievably well looked after. It was amazing to see (and this was an unexpected bonus) how well you all interacted with all the children, with the result that they really enjoyed spending time with you. You must know how rare it is to be able to say that about children who are thrown together with adults they don't know for just one week. I think you are all so talented - not just in organising lovely activities and logistically making everything work seamlessly and enjoyably without any feeling of stress or chaos - so that we all had a completely unharried time for a whole week - a TOTAL break from the norm then! - but most uniquely and especially in melding with your guests and being able to be with them in the most easy and cheerful way, and you brought out the best in all of us. I think we were all so very appreciative of your kindness and your mass of energy dealing with so many of us and all our gaggle of children too. It felt effortless and friendly and genuine, and very relaxing. A highlight was the flamenco - I loved it, and also playing sardines and the story of No-one and Captain Cigarette, as told by each of us on the beautiful Catameran. The view approaching Ronda, Pedro scooping up Josy onto Paloma the mare, sherry just exactly when it was going to be most delicious! and an egg of eggs every single day. Perfection. Thank you to you all, and I hope you are going to have a lovely rest this Christmas. Lots of love - A, R & JW