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About the Arbuthnotts

In the Summer of 1989 Hugh and Jane Arbuthnott put their house in London on the market and set off to the South of Spain with their two young children and completely changed the direction of their lives…

They came to build their house at Almuña, to immerse the family in the culture of Andalucía and dedicate their lives to creating and running very special holidays. Since those early days they have expanded the family business from holidays at Almuña and Spain to adventures further afield, including Morocco, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. New excursions and experiences are constantly being added to the already exhaustive list of holidays on offer. What remains the same, however, are the Arbuthnott values of generosity, humour and care.

As well as their wonderful team in Spain they are joined by Stephen Sutton guiding their Italian holidays and Alfie Laurence guiding in Morocco and Argentina

Clare was educated in Yorkshire and went on to read Spanish at Leeds University where she met Hughie. After a year living in Mexico she went into the world of luxury travel where she became the Latin American expert which entailed travelling throughout the continent.

Hughie’s education started at a village school in Andalucía and went on to university in Britain where he studied Spanish history, politics and literature. He spent a year working in Chile and extensively explored the country. He joined the British Army and rose to the rank of captain before returning to Spain in 2010 to join the family ‘firm’.

Jane is a bird watcher, gardener and cook and a person of great consideration for others which is why her staff from the local villages have all been with the family for years. The beautiful gardens at Almuña are entirely her creation. Her cooking expertise and light touch fuse the flavours of Andalucía resulting in delicious meals which leave you feeling satisfied but not full.

“Part of the great joy for me is to really spoil and cosset everybody in as many ways as I can. In the house there are flowers and posies everywhere, lovely soaps and beautiful linen”

Hugh had experienced an adventurous life before embarking on the ultimate adventure of bringing his family to Spain. After a short spell in the British army he went into the shipping world and sold his business in 1989. He is a great enthusiast for the history, fauna and flora of the area and is responsible for the wine cellar.