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The Arcos Camino Walk

The walking journey starts at Arcos de la Frontera and finishes 6 days later at Almuña. We walk in massive limestone sierras and open farmland, lunching with a local family en route to the remote village of Algar.

We then team up with Roque and his mules who accompany us through dramatic sandstone country alongside gushing streams, choked with rhododendrons and arbutus, into the interior of a forest of huge cork oaks, out of sight and sound of modern life.

Overall walking distance: 50 miles

Longest walking day: 12 miles

Walking grade 2: Good going, some stony parts, mild to steep uphill stretches, max 14 miles per day.

Going under foot: Mainly good but muddy in parts if wet, some pitted fields and a rocky downhill section on day 2.

Option to walk less: Yes, there are plenty of options to walk shorter distances.

These holidays are organised specifically for a team leader to put together a group of friends to come on these magnificent walking journeys. Overall walking distances on each trip can be varied to suit the party.

The prices will include 7 nights full board, wine with lunch and dinner,  services of English speaking and local guides, airport transfers and transport throughout the week and entrance fees as specified. Flights not included


Accommodation en route: The first 2 nights are in the Parador. 2 nights in a simple but comfortable Village hotel at Algar and the final 3 nights at Almuña.

 Airport of arrival & departure: Málaga